Ice Roller for Face and Eye - Silicone Ice Mold for Face - Cold Facial Massage Roller Skin Care Tools for Eye Puffiness Relief, Brighten Lubricate Shrink Pores, Remove Fine Lines (Dark blue)



?? ???? ?????? ????: Small and light design, easy to use. The ergonomic hand design is easy to grasp, and the ice roller head can slide on the skin, refreshing and calming the skin. Face roller massager helps increase flow, drain fluids, depuff your face and promote skin circulation. Your facial contour will be lifted and your jawline will be tightened ???????? ?????????: Our ice roller is a perfect facial roller for you to massage your face, eyes and neck to reduce wrinkles, eliminate puffiness and dark circles. Massage stick face roller is a perfect tool for Cryotherapy and Gua Sha Massage. Highly recommended by doctors as migraine relief, neck, shoulder and knee cold therapy for Injuries, arthritis relief and headaches. Reduce burns, redness, irritation of skin after sun exposure, relief of sunburn and skin inflammation. ??????? ?? ?????: Refillable for a fresh and clean cube each use. You can use your creativity and customize recipes for your specific skin needs:lemonade mix for skin whitening, green tea for inflammation, cucumber water for reducing swelling, magnesium mix for joint pain and coconut milk for anti-aging. ??????? ????: This ice roller was widely use in beauty salon, office, outdoor etc. it is a perfect gift for any holiday or special event, such as Valentine's Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary and so on. Easy to Make Ice & Demould-After frozen for no less than 12 hours in the environment below -10℃, submerge one end of the lid of the frozen ice mould under running water for 30 seconds, and then easily remove the lid horizontally.


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