Ice Face Roller Silicone Mold,Ice Roller for Face & Eyes Puffiness Relief,Ice Face Roller Reusable Facial Massage,Ice Holder for Face, Relief for Migraine,Pain&Minor Injury(Blue)

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【Ice Roller for Face】: Female facial beauty care, Ice Mold for Face with V-shaped design on both sides of the shape, thinner when applied to the face, more suitable for female facial contours, can relieve facial and eye puffiness, lubricate the skin, eliminate eye bags, relieve fine lines, Can also be used as an ice pack for injuries and swelling, to massage your head when you have a headache 【Safe and Reliable】: Ice Mold for Face made FDA silicone material, safe and durable. Helps calm, soothe and reduce inflammation. Also used to relieve migraines and muscle tension or damage. Suitable for all skin types. Great for home enjoyment 【Water leak-proof design】: Ice Roller ,A water-passing groove is added to the body, the heart-shaped water injection port is calibrated, and the water is easily filled without water leakage. The bottle cap is designed to be sealed and water-proof. A rotating cover is added on the top to prevent the smell of the refrigerator from entering + cover After lying down, it is easy to take out after the ice freezes into an ice tray 【Customize Filling Recipes】: Ice Face Roller Fresh and clean cubes can be refilled with each use. Customize filling recipes such as cucumber, coconut milk, rose water, aloe vera, and green tea to suit your skin needs. Can be given to family and friends as a holiday gift. Reward yourself or a loved one with gifts that keep giving 【How to use】: Fill the ice drum with water. After freezing, apply ice cubes to the skin in circular motions every 30 seconds. For best results, use daily.


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